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We’re on the move to support our migratory mule deer

Migration is hard work for Wyoming’s mule deer, especially for the thousands that move 150 miles each way between their winter range in the Red Desert and their summer range in the slopes of the Hoback. Muleys have to contend with weather, disease, predators, fencelines, and human traffic across an increasingly fragmented landscape. One thing…

Launching the 2020 Calendar Photo Contest!

Ten years ago, we launched what would become an annual Wyoming Outdoor Council tradition — the calendar photo contest. Although the political, social, and environmental landscape has changed in the decade since its inception, the purpose and impact of the calendar has remained the same: to showcase the place that so many of us choose…

Help tell the DEQ: No need to sacrifice clean water for energy development

Wyoming relies on clean water. From our world-class fishing and recreation, to irrigation and municipal use, clean water is a cornerstone of Wyoming’s economy and our way of life. That’s why it was no surprise that hundreds of citizens packed two recent meetings to learn more about the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality’s proposed “surface…

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